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  • Set up your shopify store in a way that makes people trust and want to purchase from you
  • ​Find a product and niche 
  • ​Learn the applications I run on ALL of my stores to create urgency and still look legit. 
  • ​Make your product look professional with the name, descriptions, and pricing. 
  • ​Brand your store in a way that creates BUZZ and makes people NEED your products. 
  • ​The mindset going forward in order to succeed in this
When marketing learn to...

  • Appear as a well known company
  • ​Get targeted traffic without spending money on ads. (instagram)
  • ​Create facebook ad campaigns
  • ​Create ads that SELL your products
  • ​Learn to test ads using my personal strategies
  • ​Learn LASER accurate targeting techniques
  • ​Scale from $5 in ads a day to over $500


Imagine waking up, checking your online store and ads, replying to messages/emails and then doing whatever you want. That is the EXACT life that E-commerce has given me. The freedom to do anything I want to do every single day wherever I want to do it. In this course I am going to teach you the top strategies I used to sell over a million dollars online.

You do not have to slave a 9-5 when you are growing up. There are other options. Choose freedom like I did.

At first glance, E-commerce may seem really confusing, but it's not! In this course I will break it down for you step by step and share my strategies that I still use to this very day.

Below are the results from the same strategies used in this course.
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-Daliah TX
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